Service Level Agreement

This SLA contains a written statement of the services and associated quality levels for which the Ashia Estates will be responsible for providing to customers. The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to:

  • Provide a common operating picture of all services for which the Ashia Estates provides;
  • Foster a clear understanding of what Customers can expect from those services;
Outline the process for requesting services

1. Hours of Coverage

Ashia Estates provides customer support Monday - Saturday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, excluding National Holidays. During these times, customers will be able to contact one of the Relationship Managers or office locations to request services. Non-emergency service requests may be entered at any time (24/7) via our support portal

2. Service Descriptions

The items below represent a detailed list of services that Ashia Estates will provide for customers. All services provided by Ashia Estates are classified into one of three divisions: Property Service, Construction & Renovation, and Maintenance.

Property Services

Asset Management - Maintain the documentation of buildings and equipment through pictures, locations, and/or serial and model number information.

Facility Condition Assessments : - Conduct life cycle analysis for the planning of replacements and modifications as required for maintenance of client property.

Leasing Services : Management of Property leases as landlord and tenant

Construction & Renovation

Conceptual Design - Coordinate with stakeholders to determine requirements and provide architectural drawings to assist in project development.

New Construction - Provide the initiation of project concepts, assist in design, review project scope with stakeholders, evaluate the solicitation and bid review, provide construction management, quality assurance, and close out projects.

Renovations - Renovate existing spaces within Clients buildings by developing project scope with stakeholders, delivering project estimates, scheduling, and project management.

Warranty Management - Develop schedules, conduct inspections, provide written reports, and ensure all warranty issues are addressed within the warranty period.

Carpentry – Create custom interiors for client buildings.


Roofing – Maintenance, repair, leak detection and inspection of roof systems.

Civil - Minor modifications, minor masonry work, and finishing.

Electrical – Wiring, inspections and repairs. Provide renovation rough-in, as well as power supplies for new equipment. Trouble shooting, relocate and add circuits as needed.

Painting - Pressure washing of exterior buildings. Interior and exterior painting, graffiti control, sand blasting, and minor refinishing.

Plumbing - All plumbing fixtures (toilets, urinals, faucets, sinks, water coolers, etc.).Septic tank repair and maintenance of lift stations. Septic tank filter and basket cleaning, water conservation, water and sewer emergency service upgrades, hot water systems replacement and repair.

3. Requesting Service

All service requests should be submitted through our Support portal . You could also send an email to and a service request will be raised on your behalf. When making a request, please include contact information, location of work and a detailed description of the requested work. Our team will review the work order to verify that it has been correctly prioritized and assigned, contact the individual(s) assigned to complete the work, and provide a status update as quickly as possible back to the Customer.

4. Customer Responsibilities

Upon completion of every stage in the PROJECT, the Builder will inform the Owner and arrange for a physical or Virtual inspection. Based on the Owner’s feedback the Builder will make necessary changes and proceed to the next phase of the Project.

Information Accuracy

Provide full and complete descriptions of requested service and service location (specifying building, building floor, suite, and/or room number), contact name and phone number when making service requests. Be available to team members to provide specific information related to service requests.


a. Early identification of maintenance concerns or service requirements.

b. Report problems using the support portal.

c. Provide honest and constructive customer feedback via our transaction and surveys.

5. Service Classification

The prioritization is performed according to the following categories of work:

Priority 1 (P1) – A Priority 1 request involves work that must be addressed immediately
Urgent work should be assigned within 1 hour and completed within 2 days. Work should continue without interruption until complete.

Priority 2 (P2) - A Priority 2 request is one which indicates the promptness of work accomplishment is significantly greater than routine. A Priority 2 request should be completed within 15 days.

Priority 3 (P3) – A Priority 3 request is designated a normal degree of urgency for the requested work to be accomplished. Most work will necessarily fall into this category.
Routine work should be completed within 30 days.

Priority 4 (P4) - A Priority 4 is designated a normal degree of urgency for the requested work to be accomplished, but the outcome of which depends upon ongoing input from customer, vendors and stakeholders. This work shall proceed promptly, but may have periods of inactivity while awaiting external input.

P4 work should typically be completed within 90 days, but may take up to 180 days to complete.

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