May 18, 2024

Best House Construction tips for First time House owners.

 Construction of a dream house is every individual’s aspiration. Everybody wants to build their own house. However, turning this dream into reality is a challenging task to fulfill. Construction of a new house requires a huge investment and in most cases, this investment is a whole life’s saving. Hence, it is important to save as much as possible to get the best value for their investment. Some of us also go for housing loans and hence it is very important to get the best out of every rupee spent.

Please find below a few important tips to save cost while constructing your home.

Choosing a residential plot:-

This process of building your house starts with deciding the right plot for your home. You should choose a plot based on the following criteria:
* Roadside in order to reduce the cost of transportation.
* No corner plot as they are expensive.
* Availability of water and power

Legal Status :-

Investing in a property with clear legal status is important as Many House construction projects face delays during construction or get stuck in court due to litigation. Once the plot has been shortlisted you have to verify the origin of property title and the legal ownership of the plot. The recommended duration to verify all documents related to the property is that 50 years.

 Test your Soil:-

Soil is much essential part of the construction process. Soil test results help in reducing the excess by deciding the exact amount of strength the structure of your house needs and also saves your house from any damage due to calculation errors.  

Electric and water connection:-

The availability of water and electricity is crucial for any home construction work. The first thing to do at the construction site is to secure a source of water and get the power connection. In regard to a water source, you could consider a bore well if budget and clearance from local authorities permit. Otherwise, you could always consider other sources like a water connection. If there is no electric pole near your plot then you need to apply for a separate pole for your plot.

Quality Construction material:-

The life of your house depends on the quality of construction materials used. Before starting the construction of your house, it is important to identify quality construction materials with which you will build your house.  Ashia estates use quality construction materials and workmanship in all construction projects and quality check is a routine process at every stage of construction. All our Economy Home Construction Packages and Premium Home Construction Packages consist of handpicked quality construction materials.

Design & Drawings

The most important part of your home construction plan is Design & Drawings. We provide complete concept including Floor Plans, 2D Interior Layout, 3D View, Civil Drawings, Electrical Drawings, Plumbing Drawings and Structural Drawings ( foundation plan detail, framing plan detail, column & beam plan, etc ) free of cost with all our Economy Home Construction Packages and Premium Home Construction Packages We provide a complete set of all relevant drawings  in a proper way to ensure proper material management and savings to our clients.

Finishing material:-

Finishing materials like putty, flooring material, doors and windows, and especially woodworks for interior along with Construction materials could also be responsible for an increase in the construction costs. Our transparent pricing approach ensures that all finishing materials are handpicked in order to ensure quality and competitive pricing as per all our Economy Home Construction Packages and Premium Home Construction Packages thus ensuring that there is no room for cost escalation. We procure all materials in bulk to save time and money. 

Frequent change in plan:-

Customers tend to choose one plan before construction and change the same during the course of construction. This could be because of a lack of proper planning based on your taste and inputs. Frequent changes in the plans could lead to cost escalation. In order to prevent frequent plan changes, we work closely with the customer to understand each and every requirement and make all necessary changes at the designing stage. You need to try to avoid these changes during construction unless & until it is really necessary.

Transportation Cost :

While purchasing construction materials, always try to purchase from the local vendors as this will reduce your material transportation cost.

Labour cost:-

labor contract helps contol Labor cost which is a large part of the construction cost. Ashia Estates gives peace of mind by covering the escalation in labor cost.Labor cost is covered in Economy Home Construction Packages and Premium Home Construction Packages

Flooring cost :-

 Flooring can be done both costly or economically. Tiles come in a wide pricing range. Our Economy Home Construction Packages provide you various options to reduce flooring costs.

 Wooden work cost:-

Try avoiding Woodwork in places it is not necessary. You can consider replacing expensive wood more economic once like jackfruit tree, neem and similar locally available wood to reduce the total cost of wood up to 50%.

 House Elevation :-

Avoid slant roof, expensive wall cladding and expensive ornamental work in your house construction and Shape of house also decides the cost of construction. The size of the house also contributes to the increase in cost. When the size of house increases it ultimately increases the cost of construction.


Make your home more spacious by reducing the number of walls. This will ultimately reduce the surface area and also decreases the cost. Less walls means more more natural light which intur reduces the electricity expense on lighting the house.

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