July 18, 2024

House Construction Cost factors

If you are planning to construct a house in Bangalore, you need to understand the various factors that influence the direct and indirect costs involved in the house construction process. While these costs may vary as per the size of the site, Soil conditions, labour charges, and raw material

House construction cost depends on two things – civil work and the finishing work. While the civil work includes the structure, the walls, and plastering of the house, the finishing work covers flooring, doors, windows, electrical, interior designing, wall cladding, and painting. In order to keep your house construction cost within budget, you need to ensure that you do not order finishing materials more than the budget defined in your house construction package.

1. Civil cost

The civil cost covers the cost of raw materials used in the construction like steel, cement, aggregate, sand, Blocks / bricks and foundation stone. The quantity and cost of raw materials depends on the design of the structure. Labour charges for civil work includes Mayson, helpers, shuttering workers, bar benders are also a part of the civil cost.

Ashia estates safeguard the interest of our clients to a great extent with home construction packages. Our team of civil engineers and construction workers is experienced in handling construction challenges, thus ensuring no cost escalation due to workmanship issues.

2. Finishing cost

In order to ensure no price escalation during the finishing work we have  pooled the budget for tiling, sanitary ware and cp fittings in our home construction packages

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