Property Valuation

If you are planning to buy or sell a property, It is important to know the correct valuation of the property. Our property experts will help you get the accurate valuation of your property. Our property valuation surveyors have in-depth knowledge of all types of residential and commercial properties. We provide accurate property valuation and investment services including residential, commercial building surveys, property litigation, asset valuation, and purchase orders

We educate our Clients on the legalities, taxation and other statutory requirements involved in the matters of property buying and selling. Our property estimating services are rendered with the utmost care and as per the industry standards. Our property valuation and estimation team meticulously reviews all the reports thoroughly and provide recommendations based on the latest updates on the property market.

Ashia Estates is a property valuation firm with an experienced team of property experts with a vast knowledge of the trends in the property market. Property rates are evaluated based on different metrics such as market value, value-in-use, liquidation value, and insurable value.

Estimate the true value of your property based on factors such as the location of the property, proximity to essential services, site infrastructure, connectivity to roads, construction quality, risk-prone areas, local licenses and so on.

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